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Halo 3 Outsold Sony Hits

By Joe Dodson, 6/11/2010 12:34 AM

Microsoft took a shot at Sony today, announcing that Halo 3 alone has outsold six major PS3 exclusives combined.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg today Twote:

"Just in from research team (NPD): Halo 3 has outsold Resistance 1 + 2, Uncharted 1+2, Killzone 2 and God of War III"

That's impressive, and we appreciate the competitive spirit. Then again, Sony can count on more Killzone, Uncharted and God of War, while Microsoft will never have another Halo - because Bungie is no longer a Microsoft developer.

Sony could have gone and pointed this out, but instead Sony UK's Ray Maguire told Edge Online:

"Well I'm really happy with them because as I said, we're selling more than we ever have done before. Secondly, I'm not too fussed about the competitive bits or people's comments because at the end of the day, I've only got my focus, and that is giving consumers a great experience and great content and I don't care what anybody else does."

Yep, we're just going to focus on releasing this motion controller because again, we don't pay any attention to the competition.


6/11/2010 01:52:34 AM
Posted by brojac10
@ the author, 'Joe Dodson'

your article is pathetic because you have done no research for your own personal biased opinions..

' Microsoft will never have another Halo - because Bungie is no longer a Microsoft developer'

hmm? so you think jus because bungie isnt in the contract anymore some how means there wont be any more halo for xbox 360?

weird didnt 343 industries announce over a year ago that they would take over the halo series after halo reach while bungie would start their new IP, 'Marathon' via reviving their old Intellectual property. why do you even write articles on this site you are an idiot >.
6/11/2010 10:53:17 AM
Posted by Finger
I do agree that it's probably silly to say there'll never be a Bungie-made Halo again after Reach, but it may not happen on the Xbox 360.

Microsoft could still very easily hire Bungie and pay them a few wheelbarrows full of cash to launch a new Halo alongside their next console. That might still be years away, though.
6/12/2010 03:50:12 PM
Posted by JDodson
Microsoft could also partner with Sanyo to make a Halo Kitty game. It COULD happen.

It will not. Just like there will not be another Halo game made by Bungie.

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