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Dragon Age Receives Recognition from Disabled Gamers

By Joe Dodson, 1/6/2010 1:59 AM

Ablegamers recently gave Dragon Age: Origins their "2009 Mainstream Accessibility Award," which recognizes the game for going above and beyond to accommodate the needs of disabled gamers.

According to the award page, the elements that separated Dragon Age: Origins from the pack were the game's excellent subtitle options, diverse play methods (mouse + keyboard, just mouse, etc.), large fonts, pause feature (ensuring that even the cognitively impaired can whip darkspawn butt), and lots of other small things that make the game friendly to all gamers.

You should check out the full article, especially if you're in game development. We don't usually think of omitted subtitles or small fonts as gamebreaking, but for some people they are. Way to go, Bioware, and congratulation to Dragon Age: Origins.


2/1/2010 10:03:58 AM
Posted by AbleGamers
Thank you Joe for the good press. If anyone wants to read the whole story you can see it here

To bad Mass Effect 2 fell so short for disabled gamers.
2/2/2010 09:46:30 PM
Posted by Finger
The Mass Effect franchise is all about real-time combat, so hopefully no one felt tricked. It is still more accessible, at least in some ways, than other shooters. You can pause the game and issue commands as well as let teammates do some of the work for you, and on easy difficulty and while using a class like the Adept, don't often have to aim terribly well.

Still, I agree - it's nothing like having a game like Dragon Age.

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