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Armoured and Dangerous












Phantasm Game Studio


Phantasm Game Studio

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Armoured and Dangerous is a DRM-free strategy game of battle tanks.

Although the game can be simply defined as a strategy game that runs on battle tanks, 'Armoured and Dangerous' packs in excitement beyond what conventional tank games offer. The game promises (manages) to captivate the player's mind into creating the best strategy to achieve a given goal instead of the game play being limited to generic battle actions.

Each of the tanks is designed for a unique set of offensive or defensive actions and can be controlled individually for employing the battle strategy. The focus is more on the game play than exploration, presented in a grim setting of vast acres of barren battling terrain. The player can choose from a pool of 5 tanks to build your Tank unit and strategize to attack and destroy your opponent's tanks and structures. The Campaign unlocks the various features of the games as and when you complete your objectives. The Skirmish allows you play any particular terrain for a quick rush of adrenaline.

The game contains three game play modes:

1. Capture The Flag, during which the player is tasked to destroy enemy oil rigs before the enemy gets to the player's.
2. Death Match, during which the player needs to crush all your enemy tanks.
3. Search and Destroy, as the name suggests this mode requires the player to 'search and destroy' the stronghold of the opponents, while protecting own.

An exhaustive tutorial guides the player through the controls and the game play in general to enable him/her exploit the best possible strategy to win the game. Some of the best features of the game are listed below -

Game Features:

* Unique and unprecedented game-play: Create your tank squad, command each of them skilfully and squash your opponent’s strategy.

* Highly specialized tank features: Each of the tanks is geared with advanced capabilities like Radar scanning, Re-fuelling, planting mines, etc apart from the specialized combat tanks.

* 24 Immersive environments: Engage in immersive game play in 24 picturesque battlefields, high definition 3D graphics and engrossing music.

* 3 exciting game-play modes: Play Capture the Flag, Death Match and Search & Destroy with different objectives and game-play. Advance your career in Campaign unlocking features or play Skirmish for a honing your tactical skills.

* Intelligent AI: Challenges your tactical skills in every game. The opponent’s strategies adapt every time keeping you on your toes.

Game Rating: Family friendly, Mild Realistic Violence.


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