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Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties Review

By Marvin Malkowski Jr, 11/22/2006

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Garfield has done it again. He has snuck into Jonís luggage and is on his way to London. Garfield befriends the Royal Cat, Prince XII of Carlyle Castle. When he received a royal invitation from for a lasagna feast of royal proportions. When he arrives at the castle, he cannot find an entrance in. All the gates are closed and no one is around to let him in. Our hero has to find an alternative method of getting into the castle.

This game has an interesting mix of adventure and side-scrolling game aspects. Most of the game is set as a side-scroller, but from time to time you will look through Garfieldís eyes and search for items or way through a certain areas of the game.

The game has very simple controls, designed for younger kids in mind. Only 2 controls are used in the game during the side-scroller portions of the game. The D-pad controls the movement of Gerfield and the A button is for jumping. During the game, a paw will appear for when you need to make a choice of direction of which path you wish to choose. This just disrupts the gameplay and gets annoying as you have to suddenly abandon your standard controls and put the stylus to work to choose a direction.

At the start of each level you have nine lives that are shown at the top of the screen. You must avoid being run-over by cars, being chomped up by animals and avoid items falling on you during the game. Each time you get hit you lose a life. There are no checkpoints within a level so you if you die you will need to restart the level from the starting point.

Graphics are bit grainy for my taste and I would have hoped for something more detailed. Garfield was a bit hard to make out but the surrounding effects made up for it. Once in a while I had to remind myself that the game was based on the movie and not the classic cartoons, which was drawing some nostalgia issues up in my mind. A cool feature, but one that caused me to raise my eyes in question, is when Garfield, a rather fat cat, had the ability to climb upside down.

The levels were interesting and did not seem to have been just thought up in a day. The puzzles in some of them were varied enough to hold my attention span for a few moments and I suspect even more for younger children. The only thing I wish I would have been some more replay value in some of the levels but that was not offered. In some instances, you could collect various food items that Garfield enjoyed but no real bonus came out of this activity except for statistics of how well you did.

I personally havenít seen the DS microphone used in many games outside of Brain Age but this game had an interesting use for it. When you are in adventure mode and you find the item you were looking for, you need to blow into the microphone to state that you have located the item. This was not mentioned directly in the instructions as far as I can remember and only found on accident. Another use is that in some areas, you could use the microphone to get Garfield to meow and chase his enemies in another direction.

The music in game was varied and wasnít bothersome as in some games I have played. On the downside, the sound effects were barely noticeable during play and should have been better integrated into the game. I once checked to make sure there was nothing wrong with my DS as there was no sound being made at all.

Overall, Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties is a fine game with some decent side-scroller gameplay mixed in with some average adventuring aspects. More focus on the side-scrolling and less on the adventuring would have made the experience better overall.

Overall: 76%



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